All change!

With school and college getting ready to welcome everyone back, activity around the site has picked up again!

Last academic year saw the completion of our new care houses, and staff and students have all settled in and made their homes their own. It also means that it was time to say goodbye to the quad by the entrance to the site! The area near the gate will look very different and everyone at Seashell Trust has really enjoyed hearing so many people get in touch to tell us about their time in the houses. We're delighted that so many former students - some of whom had attended the school 40 years ago - and staff alike had such fond memories of Whitton North, Whitton South, Spalding North and Spalding South. For our current students, and those who will soon be joining us, there are just as many happy memories to come in the houses at Stoller Close!

The construction work meant that we moved our CADS Carnival over to Stockport School, while the rest of the site carried on as usual. A big thank you to all the staff, volunteers and of course the students who coped fantastically with the changes.

Everyone's favourite member of staff, Josh, the college buddy dog, is amongst the college staff getting ready for September. After a lovely summer holiday in Wales, where he enjoyed going on long walks and sniffing lots of new plants, he dropped by the site a few times to meet some of the young people staying with us over the summer and check that his office was just as he liked it. He's looking forward to seeing his friends in college again soon - and, of course, to meeting all our new starters!

If you want to learn more about working with Josh, check our FAQ from last year here! He's now 7 years old but all the advice about working with students, interaction, food and sunny places to nap in are still accurate!