Welcome to the doll house

Royal School Manchester pupils were delighted by the gift of a handmade doll house donated to the school over the summer holidays.

The house came furnished with a working lamppost in the light, a mounted postbox for delivering doll-sized letters and working doors. On the other side of the house, just behind the lamppost, you can find the conservatory extension, and the interior decorations include carpets, pieces of furniture and decorations like mirrors and even paintings hanging on the walls!

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Results are in... TriSeashell was a great success!

The weekend saw the launch of the first annual TriSeashell community triathlon and 5k run, with more than 60 people turning out to compete, help keep the event running smoothly or cheer along on a day which brought together athletes of all abilities to celebrate their shared love of sport.

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Paws for thought: Working with Josh

Who is Josh?

He’s a six year old Labrador with a very calm temperament. He loves to be outside, especially if that means he can run across grass and fields, and really enjoys having a good sniff of every plant he passes. Josh is also Seashell’s most popular member of staff and a former guide dog who joined Royal College Manchester earlier this year through the charity Guide Dog’s buddy dog programme.

So he’s a guide dog?

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Team Gladiator Rides Again

Royal College Manchester students get on their bikes - and in their swimming costumes - and do a little bit of running for good measure as well this September, at Seashell Trust's first annual triathlon open to all young adults with a learning disability and/or sensory impairment on the 13th September.

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College Newspaper Out Now

The summer edition of the college newspaper has arrived, with photos of the prom and the new houses, interviews with staff and students joining the college in September, local news, results of the on-site car survey and more.

The paper is staffed by a team of six students, Mariyam, Amy, Catherine, Holly, Julia and Robert, and staff supporting them. Students work on the newspaper as part of their learning programmes and can often be found conducting surveys, arranging interviews or reporting on events happening at Seashell and in the local community.

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College Turns Out For Shellstock Festival

Royal College Manchester students celebrated the end of the academic year in style at Shellstock 2015, with a day dedicated to art, music and working together. Students and staff worked together to decorate the archway, trees and festival area with ribbon streamers which blew merrily in the wind, and student festival-goers experimented with streamers, flowers and decorative hats to keep that party atmosphere going! Several small tents were also put up, giving students a quiet place and adding to the festival look – even if we weren’t going to keep the party going all night!

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Shellshock rocks on at Party In The Park

Shellshock, Royal College Manchester's rock band, played Party In The Park for the second time on Wednesday, 17th June. Party In The Park brings together bands and performing arts groups from specialist colleges across the north of England and was held in King's Gardens, Southport.

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Scotland Theme Day

Royal School's Manchester most recent Theme Day was off with a swing - or a Highland fling, as school pupils celebrated all things Scottish!

Our guest blogger Annie writes: "Last month school celebrated all things Scottish with a ‘Highland Gathering’. We divided into four clans, identified by homemade felted tartans. We enjoyed singing Scottish songs, danced the Highland Fling, competed in games such as tossing the caber, throwing the wool sack and tug’o’war.

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Superstar Seren's Big Run

Today's post is brought to you by a very special guest blogger, Seren (pictured). This May, she completed the Morrisons Mini Great Manchester Run and raised a whopping £600 for Seashell Trust. Seren kindly offered to tell us all about it:

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College Leavers' Prom 2015

Royal College Manchester students held their Leavers’ Prom this Monday, 15th June, as twenty-seven third-year students prepare to graduate college and enter the next phases of their adult lives.

After meeting at college for some last-minute photographs, the leavers were waved off by students from the residential houses, staff and families as they travelled to the Hilton, Manchester Airport for their prom.

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Holidays kick off with CADS

Inclusive sport and leisure activities have always been key to our vision of a society which recognises all children and young people as valued and valuable members of their communities. Our Children’s Able & Disabled Sport (CADS) programme was founded in response to the belief that our students deserved to join high-quality sports activities which met their needs and enabled them to have fun with their peers, and has grown to include regular climbing, football, basketball, dance and gymnastics clubs as well as multi-sport holiday programmes.

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Inter-College Sports Day

On Thursday 21st May, Royal College Manchester hosted the 6th Inter-College Sports Day.

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